Center for Affair Recovery

Welcome to the Center for Affair Recovery

The Center for Affair Recovery exists to help couples navigate, work through and heal from the devastating impact of an affair. Utilizing the CARE model of affair recovery, couples are guided through a four part process of crisis management, awareness and understanding, rebuilding and enrichment. 


Crisis Management

An affair creates a crisis in a relationship as well as within each individual. Learning to manage and work through the crisis is a critical part of the recovery process. At the Center for Affair Recovery, coming alongside you as a couple and helping you with the crisis is an integral part of our CARE for you.

Healing and Reconciliation

Affairs injure both the relationship and the individuals in it. Healing begins with the betrayed partner and eventually moves to the offending partner. This process allows for healing of the relationship as the individuals work through their hurts and wounds.

Strengthening and Enrichment

Stabilizing the relationship is important, but the work does not stop there. Without strengthening and enriching the relationship, the foundation built in the beginning of the process is wasted. Working through the crisis and coming to understanding are the building blocks for a strong marriage. With those blocks set in place, you as a couple can build a strong, life-long marriage together.


The following books can be helpful in the affair recovery process. They each bring different information and structure to working through an affair and compliment couples counseling well.


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