About Me
With empathy and compassion, I come alongside couples working through the aftermath of infidelity. Passionate about marriage, I strive to help couples navigate the initial crisis after the discovery of an affair and walk with them into a space where healing and redemption happen. I am dedicated to seeing marriages succeed and long for two individuals to experience the relationship they always wanted together.

Affairs are devastating and they throw your life into chaos. Feeling scared and insecure, you struggle to make sense of what is happening to and around you. I work to enter into that chaotic space, and with care and intention help you two manage and reduce the overwhelming cycles of emotion that you experience and create stability and a foundation with which to stand on and find security and relief. From a grounded place I lead you two through a process of understanding, healing and forgiveness.

Few things feel better than hearing from couples who courageously began the recovery process say, “our marriage has never been better.”


My Mission

My mission is fourfold when it comes to affair recovery and working with couples.

I begin by helping you two deal with the immediate crisis after the discovery of the affair. This includes helping you two manage the multitude of paradoxical emotions and emotional outbursts that come and go throughout the day. I provide structure and processes with which you two can come together and help each other in this challenging time.

The second part of the process is aimed to bring awareness and understanding of the affair and the vulnerabilities that contributed to it happening. This includes personal introspection as well as reflection your relationship and story together.

Finally, with the crisis mitigated and understanding gained it is time to create a new foundation to grow your relationship from. This happens through a process of rebuilding and redemption.

The mission culminates by moving you two into a space of enrichment and growth, where you continue to build and refine your relationship, making it stronger and more secure for both of you.


My work with couples started as a wedding photographer years ago. Over time I began to struggle with the reality that a lot of time, energy and money goes into celebrating and sending a couple off down the road of marriage, but very little goes into helping them have a fulfilling and successful marriage. Realizing my true passion to help couples have lasting and loving marriages, I left the wedding industry to pursue a masters degree in counseling with an emphasis on couples and marriage counseling.

Licensed in the state of Colorado as a Licensed Professional Counselor I have thousands of hours of experience working with couples and marriages. I received additional training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), which is specifically designed for relationships and helping two individuals feel safe and connected together. Passionate about continued growth and learning, I stay abreast of developments in the field of couples counseling and continue to pursue education and supervision to improve my work.

Office Details

Centrally located in Highlands Ranch, the office for the Center for Affair Recovery is quiet, safe and private. The office is easily accessible from both C-470 and I-25 and is just south of the Denver Tech Center area. The Center for Affair Recovery primarily serves Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Parker, Littleton, Centennial and Castle Pines, but is conveniently close to Denver and other surrounding suburbs.